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As you know, we specialise in the recruitment and selection of staff for the food, beverage, packaging, and agricultural industries.  

We are only interested in your Curriculum Vitae if you are qualified or experienced in our fields of operation. If you are not, but still feel that you qualify, please first speak to the responsible Consultant(s) before you submit your Curriculum Vitae.

If you are qualified or experienced in our field of operation, and you do not have your personal registration number with us, first speak to the responsible Consultant(s) to get your registration number; and establish when last you have submitted your Curriculum Vitae, and if the Curriculum Vitae we have on record, is up to standard.

If you are qualified and experienced in our field of operation, please ensure you submit a detailed Curriculum Vitae. Details of all courses attended, and still outstanding, as well as dates, institutions, duration, and content of courses are required.

Please start with your first company/institution first, including your in-service training, and give full hands-on details on duties, duration, and different positions you have filled within the same company/institution. We also need to know what the companies / institutions did, and what products /dishes you have worked on. Full details on instruments, tests, and techniques used; processes, machines, raw and packaging materials, programmes, and systems experienced on; type of clients serviced; geographical areas covered; cycles worked on; as well as management and administrative duties are required. Give full hands-on details of a certain aspect when you did it the first time, or when you later did it in a different format, without repeating the same information.

Please give a break down of your remuneration packages earned. We would also like to know what type of position, industry, and location you are looking for; what salary you would like to earn; and when you would like to take up employment.

Once you have e-mailed your detailed Curriculum Vitae, preferably in Word and Times Roman, to P.O. Box 44779, LINDEN, 2104, please record it in your diary and keep in touch with Mariana on a regular basis, by phone - (011) 888-3755/782-8217, fax, letter, or e-mail, to confirm your interest in a new position. Only give the numbers of the positions you are interested in, and DO NOT submit your Curriculum Vitae for every position you would like to apply for.

Please advise when you find another position, or if something has happened which has temporarily taken you off the market. Should anything change on your Curriculum Vitae in future, i.e. courses done, addresses, telephone numbers, positions, duties, salary, marital status, transport, etc.; or your requirements, i.e. location, position, salary, etc., please let us have the new details ONLY in writing, together with the new documentation ONLY.

We advertise our positions as received on our Facebook Par Excellance H.R. Practitioners at, our our website; and on website of Job Mail at; weekly on the websites of the monthly digital magazine, Foodstuff at, and the advertising portal AgriworldSA at; and weekly on Job Mail. Please "like" us on Facebook to receive notofocations on new positions loaded.

When submitting your Curriculum Vitae, always put "CV" and your Name, Surname, and Reference Number under "Subject".
If you are using Outlook Express or other e-mail programs on your PC, click the Submit CV button below.


If you are using a web based e-mail service like Gmail,Hotmail, etc., please send submissions to: