Our Practice

Par Excellance Personnel Practitioners: Recruitment, Selection, and Guidance in the fields of Food, Beverage, Packaging, and Agriculture

Let us introduce you to our practice:

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  • Our Practice was started in 1981 by Mariana Wait du Plessis,
    - experienced and qualified Guidance and Industrial Psychologist, and
    - Chartered HR Practitioner - Planning, Recruitment and Selection.

  • She is currently assisted by Madari Delport, who had previously worked with us, and will again be responsible for the Technical and Commercial positions

  • Although based in Linden in Johannesburg, we work countrywide, in Africa, the Middle East, and where-ever required.

  • We operate on the principle of Quality not Quantity, and we always try to give you staff who are qualified and experienced in the fields you operate in.

  • We advertise all our positions daily on our website, and websites of news-papers; weekly on the websites of our advertising partners, i.e. a digital magazine, Food Stuff, at www.foodstuffsa.co.za, and an advertising portal, Agriworld SA at www.agriworldsa.com,

    "Only the Best for the Best"